About Q-Inmass


Is Inmass right for your Company?

Q-Inmass best fits those companies which fall under the criteria outlined below. If you feel that our product is right for you, please contact us.

Has your company outgrown the ability to grow using Quickbooks and Spreadsheets?

Most small companies focus on sales and growth at the start but then one day they hit a wall where they can no longer manage with patchwork systems

Are your company’s MRP/ERP requirements bigger than your budget?

Serious ERP systems are pricey, and the time to implement is even greater. Most people get shocked when they try to match requirements to their budget

Product Qualification Continued...

Do you need a very quick “time to value” in terms of start to a finished implementation.?

Most ERP systems require 6-9 months to deploy, but when you are growing and struggling for control you don’t have the time or resources to fit this into your schedule

Do you need a lot of users but can’t afford the “lot of users” price?

The more users you have the higher the price tag. If you have a situation where Many users are required you could easily be prohibited from purchasing ERP