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Is Inmass right for your Company?

Q-Inmass best fits those companies which fall under the criteria outlined below. If you feel that our product is right for you, please contact us.

Has your company outgrown the ability to grow using Quickbooks and Spreadsheets?

Most small companies focus on sales and growth at the start but then one day they hit a wall where they can no longer manage with patchwork systems

Are your company’s MRP/ERP requirements bigger than your budget?

Serious ERP systems are pricey, and the time to implement is even greater. Most people get shocked when they try to match requirements to their budget

Product Qualification Continued...

Do you need a very quick “time to value” in terms of start to a finished implementation.?

Most ERP systems require 6-9 months to deploy, but when you are growing and struggling for control you don’t have the time or resources to fit this into your schedule

Do you need a lot of users but can’t afford the “lot of users” price?

The more users you have the higher the price tag. If you have a situation where Many users are required you could easily be prohibited from purchasing ERP



Q-INMASS is a multi-module, multi-user, integrated ERP system running on the cloud or private networks.


The fully integrated accounting suite consists of General Ledger, Payables, Receivables, Purchase Orders and Sales Orders. Each module can be configured according to the needs of your company.


The Inventory Control provides total management of raw materials and finished goods across all warehouse locations. Both manufacturers and distributors can benefit from the comprehensive features which accommodate even the most challenging environments.

Bill of Materials

At the heart of MRP is the Bill of Materials and Q-Inmass offers a very flexible BOM for almost any manufacturing environment.


When it comes to MRP…..we can honestly say that we started it all! Inmass was the first automated MRP system in the 70’s and was designed by Oliver White himself (the father of MRP).


The system has a fully integrated CRM for managing all business and marketing contacts. All functions are fully integrated so there is no need for third party applications.

Data Management

The entire data model is readily available through dash boards, data exports and Microsoft Excel. While the reporting engine is very robust, those wanting more can easily access the data.

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  •  Job Cost
  •  Sales Order Entry - Detail
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